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Can you complete this sentence? – Before I die I want to _________________.

Click photo to see more of the "Before I die... " exhibit.


Designer, Urban Planner and Artist Candy Chang has installed an interactive exhibit in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. One wall in the gallery is now a giant chalkboard.  Visitors can finish this sentence.   It will be so beautiful when it’s done.

Limiting to just one comment is difficult for me, I have about 10,000 more things to do, but if I get only one entry then, my contribution is  “Before I die I want  to be sure I have helped others love and be loved”   I’ve been fortunate in love and I know everything good grows from the roots of love.

I’m wondering what your answers are – leave them in the comments section below – or make a trip to East/West Gallery in Dallas and write your contribution to the wall and post a photo of your contribution.


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Dear Reader,
     Even with my lack of preparation, I have felt more prepared for death than most people I know.  Mother and Daddy used to laugh about it all the time.  When we were very young, Mother used to say to Daddy, “Don’t you dare die and leave me with all of these kids!”   When people would ask Daddy to plan something too far in advance or ask him to do something that didn’t sound like any fun to him, you could hear him say, “Uhhh – I think I have to go to a funeral that day.”  When I was young, I thought – how does he know that?  As I grew up, it always made me laugh.  
     Daddy bought his and mother’s space in the mausoleum and called it his “file drawer”.  He was very upfront about death.
     When a young acting friend of mine died just a few weeks after my father’s passing, I was devastated to lose both at the same time.  I had no idea that life might deliver two deaths at once.  My mother refused to let me get dramatic about it.  “Well honey, we all have to go sometime,” was all she would say.  And then she changed the subject.
     When her stepmother passed away I was living in Texas, far away from the family.  She asked me if I wanted to come home for the funeral and I said, “No.”  I had said goodbye and let her know I loved her the last time I as in Kansas City and had spoken to her on the phone several times since then.  I said, “Life is for the living.”  And she said, “That’s right!”  She was proud of my answer.

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