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The hard-copy of “Do You Still Laugh? Do You Still Sing?” is currently being re-designed for e-book distribution and new hard copy.

If you would like to receive notification of publication, leave a comment in the comments section below. Or you can contact the author by email and she will put you on the list for advance notification. Email address: melindaaugustina AT yahoo DOT com

Thanks for your interest – we wish you peace in all of your relationships. ūüôā


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     We go through your things too quickly.  Thousands of objects in this house Рbig ones, little ones, your hands have touched them all.
     I learned recently that our hands and arms are part of the energy circuitry of our hearts.  That means your heart has also touched each of these objects.
     Everything feels so soft when I touch it.  It seems to have your love on it.  Everything and everywhere.  How do you do that?
¬†¬†¬†¬† Everyone thinks I cry because you are gone – and that’s not it.¬† I cry because our expression of love seems so meager compared to yours.¬† Ours is so hard compared to your softness.¬† How will we ever learn?

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When death arrives, do not be too strong.
There are many people who want to do things for you at this time.  Let them.
Let them do every little thing they desire to do.
And ask for assistance.
Ask for assistance with every little thing you have to do.
     I asked a long-time family friend to ride with me to the health-food store very late one night and she was pleased to do it.  It seems like such a simple thing Рride with me to the store Рbut we had time to talk privately in a way prior circumstances had never allowed. 
¬†¬†¬†¬† Across the room, while sitting at the dining room table, a friend heard me say I wanted a soda, and “poof”, seconds later it was by my side.¬† (See?¬† A little piece of heaven.)

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¬†¬†¬†¬† Efficiency and love are definitely NOT the same thing.¬† I remember reading that speed is not of the devil, it IS the devil.¬† I don’t know if that is true (I enjoy lots of fast things) but I find my curiosity for efficiency is almost completely gone.¬† I am giving way to the curiosity of the big love.
     Thank you.

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These words were written on a shaving mug that my father used for mixing the lather for his morning shaves.  At the end of his life there was very little pleasure left and so, he was tired of life. 
How do you suppose our lives might be different if one day we all woke up and decided pleasure is the point?
¬†¬†¬†¬† Daddy had cancer for 2 and a half years.¬† With mother’s death we had almost no preparation time.¬† I say almost because although she appeared healthy, she had been dropping unconscious, subtle hints for a while.¬† My capacity for denial is larger than most people’s.
¬†¬†¬†¬† Growing up I always sensed that my father would pass away before my mother.¬† And my mother, well, I have to say, it never occurred to me that she would die.¬† Not really.¬† Even with her subtle hints, even with the mothers of friends passing away — not my mother.¬†
She had always been here.
Surely she would always be here                     always.
Or at least for another 10 years                      at least.
She was simply too beautiful to die – wasn’t she?
Well, little one of great delusion – no, she was not too beautiful to die.

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“It is 1999 and both of my parents have passed away.¬† And there is nothing special about this.”¬†¬†¬†
In 1999, I wrote a book called “Do You Still Laugh?¬† Do You Still Sing?¬† Words and ways to ease your heart when a parent dies”¬†¬† It¬†is a collection of letters that I wrote to my mother shortly after she died from a quick and unexpected illness.¬†¬† “I wrote” the letters is sort of an inaccurate statement.¬† The letters wrote themselves through me, and I just provided the pen and paper.¬† It was an extraordinary creative experience that changed my understanding of life, creativity, art and expression.

I’ll be publishing excerpts of the book here on this blog, along with audio excerpts as I have time to complete them.¬† If this blog gives you comfort after the passing of your parents, I am glad.¬† Please pass it on to others who may¬†need it.¬† Just search the¬†CATEGORIES to the right¬†and you’ll find the things that are relevant to you.

In 1999, we¬†published “Do You Still Laugh, Do You Still Sing” and sold a few copies in bookstores in Dallas, Texas, online and at various speaking events.¬† Then, I let it rest.¬† The hardcopy of the book will be available again soon.¬† ¬†Keep checking back for blog published excerpts and news on the hardcopy.¬† Peace to you, my friends.

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