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“Isn’t she beautiful?”  I would ask my friends when I brought them home to meet my mother.  Always.  Even after I grew up and she was in her 70’s. 
“Isn’t she beautiful?” I would ask them — right in front of her — and she would laugh and shrug it off, and be a little embarrassed and love every minute of it.

And my friends would answer, “Yes.  She is beautiful.”  And that was the right answer.

It is 1999 and both of my parents have passed away and there is nothing special about this.  But there is much I would share with you about my experience so you may be open, curious and have more ease when it is your parents’ time.
Maybe you have already been through this, or perhaps only one of your parents have passed away, or you have not yet faced their mortality.  Whatever the case, come closer and let me tell you about what I saw…
     There are three things I noticed:
          1)  The grace and dignity with which they lived is the grace and dignity with which they died.
          2)  Their spirits moved into the world after they died.
          3)  Their spirit continues


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