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Three days after her passing, I began a spontaneous writing of letters to my mother that would last for several weeks.  For the funeral I was put in charge of the music, and we were having difficulties about the music choices and who would perform which music for the funeral (it can get very taxing when a musician dies.)    In our family, if you are in charge of something, it means you are in charge of listening to everyone tell you what you should do.  The music became the place everyone funnelled their emotions and there I was in the middle of the war.  So I wrote to her.
     It was 4 am, the morning of the funeral when I began the first letter.  Several pages and sobs later it as 6am when I finished.  I did nothing else to resolve the conflicts giving it all up to fate or whatever/whomever takes over when you give it all up.  By 10am with no more effort on my part everything was worked out and all of her students got to make the contribution they wanted to make.    
    Most of the letters are published for you here.


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“It is 1999 and both of my parents have passed away.  And there is nothing special about this.”   
In 1999, I wrote a book called “Do You Still Laugh?  Do You Still Sing?  Words and ways to ease your heart when a parent dies”   It is a collection of letters that I wrote to my mother shortly after she died from a quick and unexpected illness.   “I wrote” the letters is sort of an inaccurate statement.  The letters wrote themselves through me, and I just provided the pen and paper.  It was an extraordinary creative experience that changed my understanding of life, creativity, art and expression.

I’ll be publishing excerpts of the book here on this blog, along with audio excerpts as I have time to complete them.  If this blog gives you comfort after the passing of your parents, I am glad.  Please pass it on to others who may need it.  Just search the CATEGORIES to the right and you’ll find the things that are relevant to you.

In 1999, we published “Do You Still Laugh, Do You Still Sing” and sold a few copies in bookstores in Dallas, Texas, online and at various speaking events.  Then, I let it rest.  The hardcopy of the book will be available again soon.   Keep checking back for blog published excerpts and news on the hardcopy.  Peace to you, my friends.

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